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Coblation Tonsillectomy

Coblation tonsillectomies, a gentle alternative for removing tonsils that reduces pain and recovery time up to 70 percent, are now available with us. Unlike harsh traditional tonsillectomy procedures, coblation combines gentle radio frequency energy with natural saline to quickly remove tonsils. The newer procedure results in less pain after surgery and quicker recoveries. In many cases, children who have the procedures on Friday are back to school on Monday.

What are Tonsils?
What are adenoids ?
What types of problems can someone have with their tonsils and adenoids?
What is a tonsillectomy?
What are the most common reasons for a tonsillectomy?
What is obstruction?
What is sleep-disordered breathing?
What problems can sleep-disordered breathing lead to?
What is tonsillitis?
What causes tonsillitis?
What are the symptoms of tonsillitis?
What are chronic infections and why are they treated with tonsillectomy?
What is Coblation® Tonsillectomy?
Why is Coblation® Tonsillectomy a better choice?
What are the benefits of Coblation® Tonsillectomy?
What are some potential complications following a Coblation® Tonsillectomy?